Program Areas

Soil and Water Science

Soil and water science is vital for environmental protection

Citrus Horticulture

Serving growers in the world's renowned citrus production region

Plant Pathology

Providing crop protection research for the region's agricultural crops

Entomology Biological Control

Invasive insects are controlled with natural enemies


Aquaculture program for local industry

Postharvest Technology

Postharvest technology research is conducted in the Postharvest Facility


Citrus Horticulture Photography Contests Winners

Digital images captured in Florida’s renowned citrus groves, a research laboratory, and a Chicago farmers market were judged for the

IRREC’s First-Ever Root Biology Course

In response to recent advancements in plant root science, a University of Florida scientist will offer one of the school’s first


A scientist who has led Florida’s fresh fruit citrus growers, harvesters, and packers in their efforts to sustain fruit shipped

May 18, 2018 Air Potato Challenge: Leaf Beetles Available for the Public

Writer: Ken Gioeli       The public is invited to release an insect approved by a federal agency against one of